cesar-frontExperienced drywall repair guy close to you!
Hi! I am Cesar Solano, from Mexico, Acapulco Gro, (Ahhh! I remenber when i was a child)
Well, but now I am here in USA, in Corona CA, mi zip code is 92883, and I am trying to work hard for you, thats way you save with me, while others do your project in 3 days, i do it in 1 day, so I charge you for 1 day, my goal, you save and I work!

Don’t pay a lot to companies or contractors, anyway i work for some companies and contractors and they could send to me, and you will pay for my labor and for that company expenses, like their office and secretary. pay only for the labor, call me at (951) 818-0158

I have more than 15 years experience, but i say only 15 becouse i dont want to looks to old, I am in my 40’s so people in my years or older knows how young we feel.
In the past years when the construction was on top, I have been worked for three of bigest home constructors in USA doing customers services in their brand new houses…

 Now i have over 2000 projects done by myself, and I liked it!  So I have a lot of experience, feel free to contact me and ask any question,

I am a lovely father of 3, and a great husban of one, and they are my team, my son Erick its my mentor, Karen, 11 years old, is my secretary, Genesis, my 3 years old dougther  is my inspiration, and my wife Lety, help me to spend the money.
familyI am really honest and commited with you and your project,  Call me at (951) 818-0158 and..save-money


  • We repair damaged drywall,
  • Match textures
  • Holes in Drywall and Plaster Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Drywall Work on Small Remodels and Alterations
  • High Spots, Blemishes and Visible Seams Repaired
  • Almost Any Drywall Problem Can Be Solved and Fixed

“There is no small or to big job to get it done professionaly” 

Basic repairs can be estimated over the telephone at (951) 818-0158

You can email pictures to csrsolano@yahoo.com for a quick estimate, and……I BEAT ANY PRICE!we-beat-any-price

If you hire me  be relax,   We will take care of every detail to do the job clean en ordered, as well as if is my own house

  • Custom Textures Will Be Matched as Close as Possible
  • Work areas will be masked and plastic covered
  • Walkways Will be Covered to Keep Floors Clean

(951) 818-0158